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New South Wales
Photo taken in Darling Harbour Drain, Sydney. (By Curly)

Sydney. The beginning.

The first Cave Clan member stepped on to Sydney soil on September 10, 1989.

It was not until after the third visit to Sydney in 1991 that within days of returning home that a letter arrived from Sydney;

I saw your sticker in a drain in Blakehurst.
I've written to you with a certain amount of scepticism, but what the hell, it's only 43c. Yeah, send me some info on the Cave Clan. My address is on the back of the envelope: I include a copy of an article I wrote for the Union Recorder (at Sydney Uni) last year on drain riding. Hope it interests you.

Is this a psychology experiment to see if people are crazy enough to answer this sort of stuff?


Old Photo of Rusco, Doug and Wes in an unknown Sydney drain. (By Sloth)

Predator became the founding member of the Cave Clan's Sydney chapter on May 15, 1991. He was shortly joined by Mullet and Diode.

The Sydney branch has now grown to be a major part of the Cave Clan that is well known in its own right around the world.

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